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Trade-Van Information Services Co.

Trade-Van Information Services Co. was formerly “The Cargo Clearance Automation Planning and Promotion Task Force” established under the Ministry of Finance in 1990 as the first EDI information exchange service network in Taiwan.

Following the privatization of this task force in 1996, Trade-Van was formed to provide value added services, including both B2G and B2B services.

Trade-Van is the single service point in Taiwan who provides complete chain for customs clearance and trade facilitation services. Our mission is to provide a secure total solution for Taiwan trading and logistics communities in fulfilling their cross border transaction.

Today, Trade-Van Information Services Co. provides integrated e-business solutions and services such as customs clearance automation, paperless trading service, e-procurement management, e-supply chain management, e-demand chain management, global logistics, online taxation, trade insurance and finance, land administration management service, internet data center, RFID application, and security operation services for Taiwan enterprises, government agencies, and the trade community with a client base of over 40,000 corporations and digital certificate management service for all its customers. Visit for more information.

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    Manager, Business Development and Marketing Development
    Trade-Van Information Services Co.
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    Taiwan, Republic of China

Hong Kong

Tradelink Electronic Commerce Limited

Tradelink Electronic Commerce Limited was set up in 1988 by eleven renowned corporations with a common mission of promoting the widespread use of e-Commerce for trade facilitation in Hong Kong. As the pioneer of e-Commerce in Hong Kong, Tradelink has been providing Government Electronic Trading Services (GETS) for the trading community since 1997, initially under a 7-year exclusive franchise (1997-2003) and currently under a license till 2016. Over the years, Tradelink has earned the trust and support of the trading community; enabling it to stand firmly as the dominant player in the e-commerce market. In addition to GETS, Tradelink also offers a wide range of Business-to-Business services, digital certification services and online security solutions. Tradelink was publicly listed on the main board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong (Stock Code: 0536) in 2005. For more information about Tradelink, please visit

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    Tradelink Electronic Commerce Limited
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    Tel: (852) 2161 4370 Fax: (852) 2506 0188



Electronic Data Interchange Indonesia (EDI-I)

Established on June 1995, EDI-I, a joint venture company between State Owned Company and Private Company, is a leading provider of Electronic Commerce/Electronic Data Interchange services in Indonesia. EDI-I provide services ranging from EC/EDI Value Added Networks (VAN) with the robust network security; EC/EDI Service with varies message standards; System Integration; Consultancy to Software Application, SOA Solution  & Training provider.

Among of EDI-I clients are institution and corporate with various fields, such as Export/Import, Customs, Government Agencies (licensing, permitting, and certificating agency), Customs Broker, Shipping Lines Agent, Airlines Agent, Bank, Port Authority, Retailer (buyers and suppliers), and Automotive & Electronic Manufacturer.

Towards regional and global trade facilitation, EDI-I also involve in application development and infrastructure supporting for Indonesia’s first National Single Window (NSW) system. Starting the first pilot implementation on December 2006 in Batam Island, whilst the continued trial phases are already underway in Port of Tanjung Priok-Jakarta since December 2007 and scheduled to be deployed in others main port at the end of 2008. The NSW system  involves the Indonesian Customs (lead agency), the trade community, Government Agencies related to export, import, or transit procedures, such as: Ministry of Trade, The National Agency of Drugs and Food Control, Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, Indonesian Agriculture Quarantine Agency, Ministry of Transportation, Ministry of Forestry, Ministry of Health, Directorate General of Post & Telecommunication, Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources Republic of Indonesia, Ministry of Environment, Indonesian National Police, and Nuclear Energy Regulatory Agency.  Backed up by all of it’s experience, EDI-I strive to provide the best solution for all Government Agencies services by reducing cycle time, avoid human errors, maintain data validity, and cost effective through the implementation of information system together with exchange of information. For more information details , please visit





Since its establishment as an administrative body under the Ministry of Finance in 1977, Nippon Automated Cargo And Port Consolidated Systems, Inc has dedicated itself to provide prompt and highly accurate trade processing services with an online system called NACCS. Through several system upgrades over the last three decades, NACCS has expanded its original service coverage, the customs clearance processing and international cargo handling, to the airport/harbor community management and other related services to form a national single window. On October 1, 2008, NACCS Center was privatized in accordance with cabinet decision and is now called the Nippon Automated Cargo and port Consolidated System (NACCS), Inc. As a private company, the newly reorganized NACCS Center will strive to maximize its service quality and offer new service, to better respond to the growing needs in the customs and international trade field. Visit for more information.


Korea Trade Network

Founded in Dec. 1991, KTNET has contributed helping trading companies increase their international competitiveness by the Trade and Logistics automation system to reduce cost and time trading businesses in Korea. Now, as the No. 1 address for the Korean paperless trade drive, KTNET is playing a leading role in providing global seamless paperless trading as a one-stop –service provider.

KTNET’s paperless trading service processes all trade-related business, from foreign exchange, to customs clearance and logistics through EDI (Electronic Data Interchange). All related government agencies and trade companies including the Customs Service, customs brokers, financial institutions, agencies, shippers and insurance companies are now connected to KTNET with more than 45,000 corporations as its clients. By taking advantage of our accumulated know-how and technology, KTNET is able to provide a variety of information & communication services in customs, logistics and finance areas with proper solution provision and digital certificate management for security. Visit for more information.

Macau SAR


TEDMEV was founded on April 2000, is owned by Macau SAR government and the “Industrial and Commercial Development Fund” (FDIC).

The mission of Tedmev is to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of business processes, in general, for B2B (Business to Business) and, in particular, for G2B (Government to Business) by means of providing secure and reliable e-Commerce (EDI) services in Macau SAR. For more information about Tedmev, please visit


Dagang Net Technologies Sdn Bhd (DNT)

Dagang Net (, Malaysia’s leading e-commerce service provider, has pioneered and spearheaded initiatives aimed at creating paper-less, electronic Customs-related services to ease the facilitation and streamlining of international trading processes for the import/export, trade and logistics industries.

Set up in 1989, Dagang Net is the operator of Malaysia’s National Single Window which facilitates electronic Customs related transactions and duty payments, and electronic document transfer between members of its trading community made up of manufacturers, importers & exporters, forwarders, shipping agents, terminal & port operators, banks, port authorities, permit issuing agencies and Customs.

Dagang Net is a subsidiary of Dagang NeXchange Berhad (formerly known as TIME Engineering Berhad), a leading provider of award-winning e-commerce services for Trade Facilitation and internationally certified enterprise security services.

For more information on Dagang Net Technologies Sdn Bhd, please visit



Originally established as Global Teleprocessing Services, Inc. in 1987, the company was renamed as InterCommerce Network Services, Inc in 1998 to become the leading value added service provider for trade related transactions, having pioneered the implementation of EDI services in 1998 for Customs import declaration, manifest submission, online cargo release and electronic payment of duties and taxes. In 2003, it embarked on the adaption of RosettaNet PIP3B18 for Customs declaration, with live demonstration of the cross border declaration between Malaysia and the Philippines. In 2006, it was accredited as first value-added service provider by the Philippine Economic Zone Authority and the Clark Freeport – Clark Development Corporation and the Bureau of Customs. The Chamber of Customs Brokers, the Aircargo Forwarders of the Philippines (AFPI) and the Philippine International Seafreight Forwarders Association (PISFA) have chosen and endorsed InterCommerce as the preferred Customs VASP.

It also provides supply chain and electronic remittance transactions between suppliers and buyers, and overseas workers and the local banks.

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CrimsonLogic offers innovative and secure B2B, B2G and G2G solutions in key sectors such as trade and logistics, legal and healthcare sectors. It enables businesses and governments to connect and collaborate seamlessly with their customers and partners, anytime, anywhere.

As an Application Service Provider (ASP) with 16 years of experience, CrimsonLogic has set industry standards with world-first solutions such as TradeNet, eStamping, Electronic Filing System and CertOfOrigin, and continues to pioneer revolutionary solutions around the world.

Beyond ASP services, CrimsonLogic provides systems integration, consulting and licensing of proprietary technology components. It also delivers trusted services in business intelligence, eLearning, human resource and office administration and security.

Headquartered in Singapore, CrimsonLogic has over 500 staff in nine international offices including a wholly-owned software development centre. Visit for more information.



CAT Telecom Public Company Limited (CAT Telecom)

CAT Telecom Public Company Limited has established itself as an outstanding leader in telecommunication industry in Thailand. With the robust networks of terrestrial, satellite and submarine cables, CAT Telecom provides all kinds of high quality, domestic and international, telecommunication services and other related services.

CAT Telecom is determined to continuously develop its services to efficiently respond to the increasing and changing demands of customers with a strong emphasis on superior service quality and innovations.

CAT EDI is one of our services which facilitates electronic data interchange among business and government sectors. CAT EDI allows trading partners to do business transaction with standard and proven technology. We provide ease of connection with business and government sectors such as the Royal Thai Customs for electronic declaration documents, the Port Authority of Thailand for e-Manifest service. We also connect several banks allowing the transaction of Financial Electronic Data Interchange(FEDI) for customs tax payments.

CAT Telecom Public Company Limited, Empowering Thais Communication. Please visit for more information