Xinhua Silk Road Information Service

Xinhua Silk Road information provides provides Belt and Road-related government policies by China and relevant countries, official documents, market information, investment and financing environment, project progress as well as updated news and experts’ views, all free of charge. It also offers businesses and institutions a platform to showcase their products, services, achievements and events, with built-in online interaction and commenting function. Besides, it serves as the foregate to the Xinhua Silk Road Database and a number of domestic and overseas subsites while offering links to our partners’ sites.

Department of Trade and Industry of Philippine

The Philippine Department of Trade and Industry is the executive department of the Philippine Government tasked as the main economic catalyst that enables innovative, competitive, job generating, inclusive business, and empowers consumers. It acts as catalyst for intensified private sector activity in order to accelerate and sustain economic growth through comprehensive industrial growth strategy, progressive and socially responsible trade liberalization and deregulation programs and policymaking designed for the expansion and diversification of Philippine trade - both domestic and foreign.


InterCommerce Network Services, Inc., operating as Global Teleprocessing Services, Inc. offers B2B electronic commerce solutions and networking facilities to Philippine businesses and government agencies, linking them with their local and global trading partners.The company provides messaging services using the GXS Community Server, GXS Enterprise Application Integrator (EAI) and other networking tools to enable integration between applications of trading partners. For global transactions, the company provide the services through the facilities of Global eXchange Services (GXS).

The Asia-Pacific United Chamber of Commerce


The Asia-Pacific United Chamber of Commerce was established in Beijing in 2017. It is composed of professionals and entrepreneurs in the economic and trade field and has offices in China, the United States, Mexico, Argentina, and Chile. The chamber of commerce is committed to helping the economies of the Asia-Pacific region and even worldwide to exchange and cooperate in the areas of investment, trade, economic technology, and multinational talents, and to provide a full range of services for global commodities to enter the Chinese market, as well as Chinese companies, institutions and companies. The level government organization "Go out" to build a bridge.The Asia-Pacific United Chamber of Commerce establishes multilateral cooperation mechanisms and resource sharing with a number of international chambers of commerce and economic and trade organizations so as to provide members with practical services such as information exchange, project cooperation, and business trips and training.



HONGYUAN GROUP, founded in 2001, has developed into a diversified enterprise group covering four major business operations, including port logistics, real estate development, supply chain management and cross-border e-commerce logistics based on the Beijing Capital Airport economic core area. It has expanded to Asia, Europe, North America, Oceania and other countries and regions. After nearly twenty years of development, HONGYUAN GROUP has established and maintained a long-term good cooperative relationship with the capital airport, major airlines, customs and inspection and quarantine departments at home and abroad. It has high reputation and reputation in the industry. It is the object of cooperation among the major airlines and transnational enterprises.


Jiade Group, a large-scale global cross-border trade integrated services operator integrated investment development, business operation, financial services and supporting services, driven by the technology of the Internet, has formed three core plates including the development and operation of industrial parks, global supply chain services platform, big data and IT services platform.

Jiade Group currently operates projects such as Jinxia Cross-border Trade City in Changsha, Hunan, Yuxi International Logistics Port in Yunnan, Easy &Create Incubator and Import Commodities Fair in central China. The outstanding pilot project, Jinxia Cross-border Trade City (hereinafter referred to as IECC), as a typical project in the construction of the nation's “One Belt and One Road”, relies on geographical advantages such as Jinxia Bonded Logistics Center, New Changsha Port, Changsha North Freight Station and Jinxia logistics hub and integrates import and export commodities display trade, foreign trade enterprise headquarters and warehousing allocation facilities, becoming a comprehensive service platform for foreign trade industry. Through developing functions like cross-border e-commerce, bonded display transactions, global logistics, trade finance and so on, IECC has become a comprehensive industrial service system of foreign trade– "Global buying, global selling" , which aims to establish an import and export commodities wholesale distribution center, a trade center and a headquarters base for foreign trade enterprises and supporting service, to create a new business circulation comprehensive service platform involving domestic and foreign trade integration which covers “business flow", "logistics", "capital flow", "information flow" and integrated services, and to achieve foreign trade industry restructuring, transfer and gathering.

BTI Solutions

BTI are a company integrated by an interdisciplinary team specialized in different areas to provide software solutions implementing cutting-edge technologies under working schemes with international standards that guarantees the final quality of the product and service. We provide services of analysis and design of information systems, manufacturing of software products, component testing, systems and integrations, and audit of information systems (Ethical Hacking, Stress Tests, Integration Tests, Security Tests, Deployment Studies) 

Mission: Develop products and services with high quality standards using the best development methodologies of the software industry, delivering in the established times and under the guidelines established by the client, implementing state-of-the-art technologies and with certified human resources in the corresponding specialization areas


Establish an International Presence with innovative solutions that meet the needs of customers and allow their value chain to be strengthened 

Promote the development of innovative technological solutions in the southeast region of Mexico in the first instance and in all regions of Mexico and near countries 

Encourage technological development in companies through the continuous education of their human resources for the constant strengthening of productivity